A PURE STRIVE SERVICE LLC is an abatement company founded to serve the specialized needs of industry clients, with specialized skills and equipment that speeds up residential and commercial renovation abatement projects.

We offer a wide range of Environmental engineering expertise with over 30 years of environmental cleanup / abatement experience. It is always our priority to build lasting relationships with our clients and to act as their advocate.

              Summary of Services Environmental Services :

1. Silica Hazard Control Program

A Pure Strive Service personnel recognized, evaluated, and developed hazard control procedures for silica exposure risks related to grinding, pulverizing and demolition of various masonry materials, concrete, & stone.

2. Asbestos abatement

  • Asbestos Removal, clean up and disposal
  • Asbestos maintenance repair and encapsulation.

3. Lead Abatement

  • Lead paint removal & stabilization 
  • Lead R.R.P (Renovate – Repair – Paint)

4. Mold abatement 

  • Removal and cleaning of mold impacted building material 
  • Sanitizing and Disinfecting of mold contaminated areas
  • Restoration of mold/water damaged areas
  • Dry out and dehumidification
  • Unique dry ice / soda / walnut shell blast process
  • Wet scrape / sand / encapsulate 
  • Mold inhibitor Placement for mold regrowth prevention

5. Hazardous Waste Cleanup and abatement

  • Fluorescent bulbs & PCB containing ballasts
  • Animal waste – Bird, bat and rodent 
  • HEPA cleaning of contaminated dusts

6. Demolition

  • Soft Demo (interior demolition for tenant improvement (TI) / Home improvement renovation)
  • Removal of all interior fixtures, finishes, partition walls (sheet rock), windows, doors down to bare shell. 
  • Hard Demo (Selective Demolition)
  • Exterior elements of building renovation projects
  • Gut Out of buildings & small structures
  • Concrete pads, floors, and walkways


A Pure Strive Service LLC asbestos abatement professional have completed multiple successful abatement projects for over 30 years. The projects have entailed all types of materials requiring abatement including, but not limited to, sprayed-on acoustic ceilings, sprayed-on fireproofing, vinyl asbestos floor tile and mastic, linoleum, roofing materials, sheetrock, heating duct, pipe insulation (TSI), including underground pipe, and boiler insulation.  All A Pure Strive Service LLC workers and supervisors are trained by independent AHERA, OSHA, DOH, NYS & NJ certified department of labor training centers.  Abatement project durations have ranged from one-day emergency response cleanups to multi-staged, long-term projects.


 All workers and supervisors are trained and certified for lead abatement and are registered with EPA.  Abatement procedures include hand scraping, HEPA planning, chemical stripping, needle guns, sponge jet, and scarifying. The care in which these techniques are employed on architectural components such as doors, stair railings and windows sets A Pure Strive Service LLC apart


The health effects and legal ramifications of airborne molds and fungi are major issues. A Pure Strive Service LLC brings procedures honed and licensed for asbestos abatement into a field dominated by contractors without any special Haz Mat licensing. APS LLC’s director and lead supervisor has conducted hundreds of mold abatement projects at residences, schools, and commercial buildings every year throughout its environmental experience. Additionally, APS LLC has skilled craftsmen to rebuild mold/water damaged areas to like new condition. 


APS LLC expertise in abatement procedures makes us uniquely qualified to tackle renovation demolition projects in overly sensitive areas. If your project requires minimum impact on clients or tenants, APS LLC will get it done the way you need it per rules and regulations and building codes.

A Pure Strive Service LLC is certified by all required government agencies including OSHA(Occupational Safety and Health Administration) , NYS Department of Labor, DOH (Department of Health), the EPA Environmental Protection Agency) and NJ DCA Department of Consumer Affairs.

A Pure Strive Service LLC will only utilize workers that are fully trained and certified as required by all federal and state laws pertaining to the trade class.

A Pure Strive Service will only utilize supervisors that are certified, trained, and competent.

Supervisors and laborers receive :

  • Annual medical examinations.
  • Annual fit testing for the use of respirators. 
  • Blood pathogen testing every 90 days for lead.
  • First Aid and CPR training. 
  • Yearly recertification of licenses
  • Yearly (or as often as may be needed) procedural and safety review classes as per mandated.
  • On site safety meetings will be conducted at the beginning of each project.

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