Lead Based Paint Abatement 



Lead? Lead from a mechanical pencil? No! In some common households due to past use of lead based paint. Innocent families are dying and relatives wonder how? Why!?


Lead is a natural heavy metal element that can be toxic to people and animals. It can cause serious health risks such as lung cancer, decreased kidney function, reproductive problems and much more. Before ripping the whole house apart, we need to properly locate where is the lead?



Most lead chemicals are used on a variety of products to help with the structure of a commercial building or household. Some products are ceramics, paint, batteries and plumbing materials. Lead can be released into the air or in an exposed area in home such as attics, basements, ceilings, closets and more. 


Here is a link for in depth study on lead exposures : https://www.epa.gov/lead/learn-about-lead#lead



 We at apurestriveservcellc strive our best to be well prepared in any situation regarding lead exposures especially lead based paint. Before 1978, most homes were painted with lead based properties. After 1978, the government banned consumers from using lead based paint in their homes. These are red flags for families, pets, and loved ones who are exposed to the paint. 


apurestriveservcellc will follow all rules and regulations under OSHA code. We will locate and respond to the lead exposure in commercial buildings and residential homes. We are fully licensed and have previous testimonials to make sure both parties are satisfied.



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